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Wendy Helmet Suspension

Wendy Helmet Suspension

Обычная цена $16.99 USD
Обычная цена $25.99 USD Цена со скидкой $16.99 USD
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Enhance Your Helmet Comfort and Performance with Upgraded Suspension System


  • Crafted from Premium Nylon: Our suspension system is constructed using high-quality nylon material, ensuring exceptional durability and unmatched comfort during wear.
  • Adjustable Head Size: Enjoy a personalized fit with the adjustable head size feature, complete with a convenient regulator located at the back.
  • Improved Security and Portability: The suspension system is designed to enhance both security and portability. The inclusion of a quick-release snap closure adds an extra layer of convenience.
  • Universal Compatibility: Perfectly suited for enhancing the comfort and stability of a variety of tactical helmets, this system is particularly suitable for upgrading Wendy helmet suspension setups. Installation is quick and hassle-free.

Elevate your helmet experience with our advanced suspension system. Whether you're engaging in tactical missions or seeking improved comfort during extended wear, our suspension system is your reliable companion. Upgrade your gear today for a heightened level of performance and comfort.

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