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Detachable Ballistic Helmet Visor

Detachable Ballistic Helmet Visor

Обычная цена $169.99 USD
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Enhance Your Defense with TGC's Detachable Ballistic Helmet Visor

At Tactical Gearcenter (TGC), we recognize the importance of versatile protection in unpredictable situations. Our Detachable Ballistic Helmet Visor is designed to be the ultimate addition to your personal protective equipment, offering advanced ballistic protection that seamlessly integrates with your existing helmet visor systems.

Product Features:

  • Advanced Ballistic Protection: Rigorously tested to withstand .357mag and 9mm FMJ bullets, offering optimal head protection.
  • NIJ IIIA Certified: Complies with international NIJ IIIA ballistic standards, providing superior bulletproof performance for your safety.
  • Perfect Fit: Suitable for FASTHelmet , MICH Helmet and PASGT Helmet.

Cutting-Edge Helmet Visor Technology: Our Ballistic Helmet Visor is not just a simple attachment; it's a critical component of your headgear that elevates the protection of your FASTHelmet, MICH Helmet, and PASGT Helmet to new heights. Engineered to withstand the impact of .357mag and 9mm FMJ rounds, this visor for helmet provides advanced ballistic protection without compromising on your field of vision or tactical agility.

NIJ IIIA Certification for Unmatched Performance: Safety is our top priority, and we've ensured that our Helmet Face Shield meets the highest standards. NIJ IIIA Certified, this ballistic face shield is your guarantee of superior bulletproof performance. It's the industry benchmark for face shield for helmet protection, offering you the confidence to confront any challenge head-on.

Seamless Integration for a Perfect Fit: Understanding the need for compatibility with various helmet models, our Detachable Ballistic Visor is designed to fit perfectly with your existing helmets. Whether you're donning a FASTHelmet, MICH Helmet, or PASGT Helmet, this helmet visor attachment ensures a secure and comfortable fit that moves with you, enhancing your overall protective ensemble.

A Necessity for All: From the battlefield to the streets and beyond, our Detachable Ballistic Visor is indispensable for security professionals, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It's the smart investment for anyone seeking to upgrade their ballistic helmets with a face shield for helmet that offers both reliability and adaptability.

Your Protection is Our Priority: At TGC, we're committed to delivering the most reliable and innovative protective solutions. Our Detachable Ballistic Helmet Visor is not just another accessory; it's a statement of our dedication to your safety. Shop now and experience the peace of mind that comes with equipping yourself with TGC's top-tier protective gear.

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