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VersaElite™ 2 in 1 ballistic helmets

VersaElite™ 2 in 1 ballistic helmets

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Introducing the VersaElite™ 2 in 1 Ballistic Helmet: The Ultimate Fusion of Protection and Versatility

At Tactical Gearcenter (TGC), we're thrilled to present the VersaElite™ 2 in 1 Ballistic Helmet, a groundbreaking innovation in head protection that redefines the standards for ballistic helmets and tactical helmets. This revolutionary design offers a unique 2-in-1 functionality, providing you with the flexibility to use it as a bulletproof helmet in dangerous situations or as a training, sport, or airsoft helmet for less intense activities.

Product Features:

  • 2 in 1 design:Attached bullet proof part it used as ballistic helmet, other wise it could be used as training helmet ,sport helmet and airsoft helmet etc.
  • Light Weight:About 1.33KG (NIJ IIIA Level)
  • Advanced Ballistic Protection: Rigorously tested to withstand .44mag and 9mm FMJ bullets or 7.62*51mm NATO offering optimal head protection.
  • Lightweight Material: Constructed with Ultralightweight UHMWPE material and carbon fiber, it won't burden you during extended wear, ensuring comfort.
  • NIJ IIIA/NIJ III Level: Complies with international NIJ IIIA/NIJ III ballistic standards, providing superior bulletproof performance for your safety.
  • Perfect Fit: Sized as L, suitable for head circumferences ranging from 55 to 60 cm, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

A New Era of Ballistic Protection: Our VersaElite™ helmet is meticulously crafted to deliver advanced ballistic protection against a range of threats, including .44mag, 9mm FMJ rounds, and 7.62*51mm NATO. The outer shell's bulletproof part meets the rigorous NIJ IIIA/NIJ III standards, ensuring your head is safeguarded against the most perilous scenarios. The inner shell, made from lightweight carbon fiber, adds an extra layer of defense without adding unnecessary weight.

Featherweight Comfort for Extended Use: We understand that comfort is paramount, especially during prolonged missions or training sessions. That's why the VersaElite™ helmet is constructed with ultralightweight UHMWPE material, making it one of the lightest military helmets and tactical helmets on the market. Weighing in at approximately 1.33KG for the NIJ IIIA Level, this bump helmet ensures that you stay agile and unencumbered, even during the most demanding operations.

Customized Perfection for Your Head: Sizing is crucial for the effectiveness of any military helmet, and the VersaElite™ is no exception. Available in size L, it fits head circumferences from 55 to 60 cm, ensuring a perfect fit that is both comfortable and secure. Whether you're a soldier helmet in the field, a SWAT helmet operator, or an outdoor enthusiast, this tactical ballistic helmet is tailored to your needs.

The Multi-Purpose Solution for All: The VersaElite™ 2 in 1 Ballistic Helmet is more than just a combat helmet; it's a versatile tool designed for the modern warrior. Whether you're part of an army surplus team, a special forces helmet user, or simply looking for the best ballistic helmet for your collection, our VersaElite™ offers adaptability and reliability. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a high cut ballistic helmet or a navy seal helmet that can withstand the test of time.

Your Safety, Our Commitment: At TGC, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality protective gear. Our VersaElite™ 2 in 1 Ballistic Helmet is not just another military helmet for sale; it's a testament to our commitment to your safety and performance. Invest in your protection today and experience the unmatched combination of comfort, versatility, and defense that TGC offers.

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